Corporate Law

With a number of seasoned corporate attorneys, Parker MacIntyre is well-tooled to assist companies of all types with general corporate legal services. Parker MacIntyre offers advice on all sorts of corporate law issues regularly confronting business owners and officers, such as choosing the right form of entity to operate under, what types of procedures to put into place to govern the affairs of the entity and advice on shareholders/members rights and obligations. We also counsel clients in connection with various transactional matters, such as mergers or other combinations, business split-ups and the purchase/sale of a business. In some cases, we play the role of outside general counsel, advising firms with an assortment of day-to-day matters, such as drafting customer contracts or reviewing/negotiating vendor contracts of all types, assisting on employment law matters and employee compensation plans, as well as drafting confidentiality agreements and non-solicitation/non-compete agreements for key personnel.

Start-up Services

Parker MacIntyre is an ideal partner for the new start-up as well as other early growth-stage businesses. First and foremost, we will counsel start-up principals on the various options available to them with respect to entity formation, such as forming a C or S corporation, limited liability company (LLC) or partnership. Key considerations include the level of control afforded, protection from liability and tax implications of the form of entity chosen. Once clients decide which entity is right for their particular situation, Parker MacIntyre will prepare the needed formation documents and make all requisite filings with the applicable regulatory agency in order to formally establish the business.

Many small businesses will not seek legal counsel at either the formation stage or shortly thereafter. We believe that this a potentially big mistake. Even assuming that an entity is duly formed with no hitches, we caution entrepreneurs that the dawn of their business may just be the time that they need competent legal counsel most of all. Indeed, this is the time that partnership or LLC operating agreements should be created so as to clarify the roles and responsibilities—and shares of the entity’s profits—attributable to each individual founder/principal. Parker MacIntyre has extensive experience in drafting operating agreements and shareholder agreements of all types. We can, on one hand, create rudimentary agreements for companies with only a few principals and equally-divided profit streams and/or fairly straightforward divisions of labor. Alternatively, we are equally adept at creating complex agreements for sophisticated players looking to allocate the rewards of their venture to multiple parties, each with differing levels of involvement in the business.

Transactional Matters

As a company grows, it may decide to team-up with or acquire other businesses. Parker MacIntyre is well-suited to counsel firms entertaining joint-venture deals, business combination transactions and/or business asset purchase/sales. Given our firm’s focus on the investment management space, we are especially well-suited to advise on business transactions or combinations involving investment advisers, broker-dealers and fund sponsors. We will work with your firm to design the most appropriate transaction, from a legal and regulatory perspective. With regards to tax matters, Parker MacIntyre works cooperatively with the tax advisor you choose, or we can recommend tax professionals to assist you.

Help With Day-to-Day Operations

For some of our clients, Parker MacIntyre is the “go-to” partner vis-à-vis all of their day-to-day legal matters. In that regard, we act as a sort of outside general counsel to them. This might involve reviewing or drafting legal documents of all stripes, such as vendor contracts for software or other technology services, employment and severance agreements, and documents protecting the trade secrets and intellectual property of the firm. Indeed, we are frequently called upon to draft non-solicitation and/or non-compete agreements, especially for our investment management clients. Such documents serve to restrict, for a period of time, principals and key employees from competing against the firm, soliciting the firm’s clients or hiring away the firm’s staff.