Parker MacIntyre Participates in State Outreach Program to North Carolina RIAs -- September 2018

On September 28, 2018, Parker MacIntyre attorneys Steve Parker and Bryan Gort attended one of a series of workshops hosted by the North Carolina Secretary of State Securities Division to assist state‑registered North Carolina investment advisors in complying with the laws, rules and regulatory expectations pertaining to North Carolina Advisors. For several years now, the North Carolina Securities Division has hosted these outreach events in an effort to educate and assist advisors in keeping up with and understanding the regulatory landscape. North Carolina Investigator Betty Guido presented interesting case studies, specific best practices and other advice that advisors need to know in order to best serve their clients in a compliant way.

Parker MacIntyre applauds the Securities Division for offering North Carolina based advisors such a hands-on and stress‑free program. “Many state registered investment advisors only have opportunities to interact with their regulator when they are being audited,” Mr. Parker said. “North Carolina and other states are taking steps to ensure that regulated advisors have an opportunity to interact with them on a collaborative rather than confrontational basis.”

Parker MacIntyre encourages all North Carolina registered advisors to attend at least one of the annual sessions presented by the Secretary of State and believes that in so doing, an advisor will come away with a fairly good understanding of where their own practices may be compliance deficient.